26 January 2021

Character Creation Challenge 26 of 31: Colonel Altair Popov

So, I went for one of the Alien Modules for Mongoose Traveller here, and went straight for SolSec. In my view of the Solomani Rim, there is an ongoing Cold War on the Armistice Line, with agents from both sides running spies and looking for small advantages. The leadership of both polities doesn't want a war, but there are many influential cliques and organizations who wouldn't mine extra hostility or an embarrassment of their superiors. Colonel Popov is an accomplished SolSec officer, who has recently come to light as one of Coordinator General Elias Treleven's most trusted spymasters in the Solomani Rim.

Altair Popov was born on Chernozem/Gemini, on 332-1074. His family comes from the 'Russian' ethnic majority, not the small minority of 'Svedsky' who are distant relatives of the distant Sword Worlders. From a poor family, his intelligence and education became factors in his ongoing success. He attended the Chernozem University at Novvy Kursk, and majored in Sociology, with a strong study of the law. During this time, he developed an intense rivalry with an upperclass student whose great uncle was on the System Committee for the Solomani Party. Upon graduation, he joined Solomani Security as a Field Agent. Assignments include recovering information related to a series of cold cases, an unpleasant assignment to Vantage where he made the enemy of a local party secretary who is now deceased from natural causes, and an operation where he personally flew an infiltration ship into recover an agent. It was noted he was recently in the company of young Solomani Navy officer, Lieutenant Riika Manz, who may be assigned as a liaison. His closest companion is a former SolSec officer, Hari Vinter, who shows an unusual degree of loyalty to the man. He is known to be a most formidable adversary to Imperial interests in the region, as he is known to be highly loyal to the Solomani Cause, and to the Coordinator General.

STR 4 DEX 7 END 7 INT 11 EDU 12 SOC 10
Admin 2, Advocate 1, Comms 0, Computers 2, Deception 2, Drive (Ground) 0, Engineer 0, Flyer (Grav) 0, Gun Combat (Slug) 2, Investigate 3, Language (Russian) 0, Leadership 1, Medic 0, Pilot (Starship) 2, Social Science (Psycology) 2, Streetwise 0, Zero-G 1
Cr 20,000, Heavy Auto Pistol, Wafer Jack, SC Class courier
Rival, Eliana Urquhardt, upper class student, Enemy, Jonas van der Zee, Party Secretary on Vantage, Ally, Hari Vinter, SolSec officer, Lover, Riika Manz Navy Officer

Others partaking in this challenge include:
Name: Altair Popov
System: Mongoose Traveller
Homeworld: Chernozem/Gemini
STR         4 5
DEX 7 7
END 7 8
INT         11 10
EDU 12 10
SOC 10 4
Age 46

AGE 18
Race? 7-1=6
University? 7+1=8
Event 7
Life Event 8
Pass? 7+1=8
Age 22
SolSec? 7+1
Field Agent Rank 0
Survival? 9+1
Event? 9
Comms? 6
Promotion? 9+1
Rank 1 Lieutenant
1 Personal Development
6 Specialist
Age 26
Survival? 7+1
Event 5
Investigate 9
Promotion? 12+1
Rank 2 Captain
6 Personal Development
2 Advanced Education
Age 30
Survival? 11+1
Event 7
Life Event 9
Investigate 6
Promotion? 5+1
Rank 3 Major
5 Advanced Education
6 Personal Development
Age 34
Aging 7-4=3
Survival? 10+1
Event 3
Int? 8+1
Promotion? 9+1
Rank 4 Lieutenant Colonel
3 Specialist
5 Service
Age 38
Aging 5-5=0
Mandatory Transfer to Administrator
Survival? 7+2
Event 8
Increase Deception
Promotion? 12+1
Rank 5 Colonel
2 Personal Development
1 Specialist
Age 42
Aging 2-5=-3
Survival? 6+2
Event 7
Life Event 6
Increase Investigate
Promotion? 4+2
3 Personal Development
Age 46
Aging 11-6=5
Benefits 6+3
Admin 2
Advocate 1
Comms 0
Computers 2
Deception 2
Drive (Ground) 0
Engineer 0
Flyer (Grav) 0
Gun Combat (Slug) 2
Investigate 3
Language (Russian) 0
Leadership 1
Medic 0
Pilot (Starship) 2
Social Science (Psycology) 2
Streetwise 0
Zero-G 1
Rival, Eliana Urquhardt, wealthy student
Enemy, Jonas van der Zee, Party Secretary on Vantage
Ally, Hari Vinter, SolSec officer
Lover, Riika Manz Navy Officer
Cash 5 10000
Cash 3 5000
Cash 3 5000
Benefits 5+1 +1 Soc
Benefits 3+1 Heavy Auto Pistol
Benefits 3+1 Gun Combat (Slug)
Benefits 4+3 SC Courier
Benefits 4+1 Wafer Jack
Benefits 1+1 +1 INT


  1. After reading this character, we should hit Moscow on the Hill for supper.

  2. perhaps Popov has had contact with Lt. Colonel Marlijn Bronsvoort (character 21 from me) :) We're developing a strike force

    1. Perhaps! She's more direct action focused, while he's moving in the background.