17 January 2021

Character Creation Challenge 17 of 31, Dean Gallas-Harner

For the last BattleTech character, I went with a character whose story ties in with the 2018 Harebrained Schemes game. The following year, Catalyst and the writers released a short sourcebook on integrating the video game into the official setting. Considering it's the most publicity the setting's received since 2004 or so, I was happy to buy a copy of the game and the sourcebook.

Dean Gallas-Harner is a member of the aristocracy on Itrom, where he claims a distant relationship to Finn Gallas, Hertog Itrom and CEO of Griffonwyne Unlimited. His family has a modest landholding, and he was able to train as an apprentice from age 10 to be the pilot of the family's old Griffin, Martel. Upon his graduation from apprenticeship, he was assigned a post as part of the local defenses on Itrom, mostly seeing action against various pirate bands, some who know him as 'that Griffin pilot we want to see dead'. When Kamea Arano's forces came to liberate the world, his lance promptly surrendered. Examining his options, he's considering moving on to other pastures as well as staying with the Aurigian Coalition.

Name: Dean Gallas-Harner

Faction: Major Periphery State/Aurigan Reach
XP:        5000
Attributes Score Link
STR                 4
BOD         4
RFL                 4
DEX         4
INT                 4
WIL         4
CHA         4
EDG         1     -2
Connections (1)
Enemy (Pirates) (1)
Enemy (Rival Claimant) 2
Equipped (1)
Property (3)
Rank Cornet (3)
Reputation (2)
Vehicle GRF-1N Griffin (4)
Wealth (3)
Skills                                    Level
Administration                         2
Animal Handling                     
Career/Soldier                          3
Computers                                1
Driving/Ground                       0 
Gunnery/Mech                         4
Interest/Homeworld History    0
Interest/Literature                    1
Interest/Military History          2
Language/English                    1
Language/Spanish                    0
Leadership                                2
Martial Arts                              3
Melee Weapons                        2
Navigation/Ground                   2
Negotiation                               1
Perception                                 1
Piloting/Mech                           4
Protocol/Aurgian Reach           4
Running                                    1
Sensor Operations                    2
Small Arms                              3
Strategy                                    0
Survival/Forest                         1
Swimming                                1
Tactics/Land                             2
Technician/Electronics             2
Training                                    1
10 reloads
Flak Jacket
3 Patches
Combat Boots
2 Fatigues
Jump Suit
Advanced Field Kit
Electronic Compass
Medical Kit
Standard MechWarrior Equipment
Walking:    8
Running:    19
Sprinting:    39
Military School
Family Training, OCS
Tour of Duty: Periphery Age 21

Today, I present:

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