02 July 2021

Preparing for In Person Play

Putting this to use!
    Well, this happened last weekend. I was talking with some friends that I was going over to play Traveller5 with the Hiverlord on Saturday. One of them, who can be very enthusiastic, asked me what I was doing, and explained a bit about the Traveller setting and mechanics, and roleplaying games. She then asked me if I would be interested in running a game, for the common group of friends, as she wanted to try it once. She said she'd played in a similar game before, and wanted to try again. I went a little more in depth on it, and she convinced another friend that this was a good idea. So I found myself now running a Traveller session that may turn into a campaign in the winter, for some people.

    Examining my bookshelf and extensive folder of PDFs, I settled on running One Crowded Hour for the group in August. I'll have character sheets for the pregenerated characters from the adventure prepped, but offer character generation if anyone wants it using Mongoose Traveller 1st Edition and limited options. I'll be copying the deckplan down onto graph paper so it's larger than the one provided in the PDF. Mr. Dougherty, a normal sized sheet of paper (US Letter or ISO A4) just doesn't quite work for the table!

    I have the adventure printed, and I'll make a pamphlet out of Traveller - in Two Pages, and provide prefilled character sheets for everyone. I'm hoping it turns out well, and that in the future, I can progress to more free-form games. I'm definately wanting as much input as possible for running a game for non-roleplayers. Maybe even start with Research Station Gamma....