31 January 2021

Character Creation Challenge 31 of 31, Adalwin Pethes

Completing the series, Adalwin Pethes is a less traditional Traveller character. Not much experience in space travel or operations, he's still ready to be a contact, adversary, or ally in the Sol Subsector.

Aldalwin "Call me Dall" Pethes is a man of some reputation in the region. He grew up on Ember/Sol, where his family grew some of what little locally available food was available in hydroponics facilities. Seeing the heavy handed treatment of the citizens by the Office of the Military Governor, he wanted to Change the System from within, by becoming a reporter. Gaining employment with Sol Interstellar News at an early age, he spent twenty years as an investigative reporter in and around the Subsector, exposing corrupt military government officers, investigating organized crime, and the like until he was injured while investigating work conditions on Loki. Recovering from his injury, he started to study the law, and became a crusading lawyer, often looking after those harming "the little guy". Some younger reporters, not knowing his background, have called him "The People's Attorney General of Sol Subsector." Crossing the subsector, he has a knack for showing up at the worst possible moment for many nobles, officers, and crime bosses. He recently stepped down from his firm's management, and is now listed as "Of Counsel".

STR 6 DEX 7 END 5 INT 13 EDU 11 SOC 7
Advocate 3, Art (Holography) 0, Art (Writing) 3, Carouse 1, Comms 1, Computers 2, Deception 1, Diplomat 2, Drive (Wheeled) 2, Guns (Slug Pistol) 1, Investigate 3, Melee (Foil) 1, Persuade 2, Stealth 1, Steward 0, Streetwise 0, Trade (Hydroponics) 0, Vacc Suit 0,
Cr57500, 6 Ship Shares, Body Pistol

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30 January 2021

Character Creation Challenge 30 of 31: Captain Riika Manz, Solomani Navy

 As I'm currently away from home on business, I thought the best way for me to keep up with this was just to finish out with characters for my campaign. In this case, a close associate of another character I generated.

Riika Manz is a native the cloud cities of Vantage/Capella in the Solomani Confederation. Her family was involved in some trade with nearby Aquitaine,  where French is the nominal language of choice. Deceiding to chart her own course, she barely made it into the Yamato Naval Base Cadet Corps, and squeaked out a pass and commission, despite being drawn into a minor political disagreement regarding particulars of the Solomani Cause. She was accepted and commissioned in to the Solomani Confederation Navy upon graduation, and drawn into their flight program. Her service records show she's been assigned to survey operations in astrogation, assigned to a flight test team, and commanded a ship on a diplomatic mission, where hers was assigned to help SolSec maintain security. She's been noted as a close companion of a senior SolSec officer in the area, Colonel Altair Popov. Her recent retirement notwithstanding, she may be assigned independent operations. Her skill set indicates she could operate a Scout Ship on her own.

STR 7 DEX 10 END 7 INT 10 EDU 8, SOC 11 Age 38
Art (Painting) 0, Astrogation 4, Carouse 0, Comms 0, Engineer (Jump Drive) 1, Flyer 0, Gun Combat (Slug Pistol) 2, Gunnery (Turret) 2, Language/French 0, Leadership 1, Mechanic 0, Pilot (Spacecraft) 2, Recon 1, Tactics (Naval) 1, Vacc Suit 1, Zero-G 2
Cr 22,000, Terran Adventurer's Society Membership, Body Pistol Cr 10,000/year Pension Lover: Altair Popov, Enemy: Kubra Shibazi, Instructor with opposite politics Contact: Fedde Xylander, Solomani Weapons Developer

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29 January 2021

Character Creation Challenge 29 of 31, Colonel Sir Markus Pan, Imperial Marines

    The Imperial Marines have a variety of inspirations, from real and historical United State Marines and Royal Marines, to fictional ones like Falkenberg's Legion, and TV and movies like the Storm Troopers in Star Wars. More recently, some fans do have associated Zapp Brannigan with them. He wears  Maroon and Gold, his uniform includes a kilt, and he thinks he's God's Gift to the women of the galaxy. How is that not an Imperial Marine?

Colonel Sir Markus Pan                                             8C8CAB    Age 42
6 Terms Imperial Marines                                          Cr 25,000
Cutlass 2, Gambling 1, Grav Vehicle 2, Laser Rifle 2, Leader 1, Revolver 1, Tactics 2, Vacc Suit 2
Cutlass, Traveller's Aid Society

    From the backwater of Ukaye/Regina, he enlisted in the Imperial Marines at the age of 18, and was quickly commissioned. His initial training included the cutlass, revolver shooting, Grav vehicle operations and Battle Dress. His picking up a gambling habit in the mean time lead to a denial of promotion but retention, as "unseemly for an Officer of Marines." He stayed with the Marines, and promoted to Captain, gaining recognition for skill with a laser rifle, and leadership training. Assigned to Task Force command, he was recognized for tactical skill, and worked to improve his own marksmanship alongside that of his Marines. Assigned to Regimental staff as a Lieutenant Colonel, he improved his Grav piloting skill, and tactics. These skill improvements backfired on him in the next few years, as the board denied him advancement to Colonel as too operationally focused. He spent much of the next few years working more on his fitness than skills while on the Navy's Staff. Finally promoted to Colonel, he was assigned to command the Spinward Marches Special Assault Group, a Marine unit trained for zero-g combat and boarding, and he requalified in Vacc Suits and Battle Dress as part of those operational requirement. He retired recently, and wants to see the places, and not have to meet interesting people and kill them.

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28 January 2021

Character Creation Challenge 28 of 31, Borislav Kurucz, PhD

The former Chief Laboratory Scientist of the Hephaistos Company, Borislav Kurucz was picked up right out of the Imperial University of Meshan, his homeworld where he was one of the best students in his time. After getting into trouble with one of the civil authorities on the world, namely Arjun Gottschalk, the Corporate Liaison from the Republic of North Eriksland, he's had a quiet career since then, moving up through the company's laboratory section, building an understanding of Planetology few have, especially in late stage physical terraforming efforts. The opening of Hephaistos to general settlement in the past decade means he's spent almost as much time at Forlorn's testing labs as well as the main laboratory over Hephaistos. Recently, he's left the Company, and started work on something unknown.

STR 5 DEX 4 END 4 INT 8 EDU 14 SOC 9
Admin 1, Advocate 2, Carouse 0, Comms 0, Computers 2, Diplomat 2, Drive 0, Engineer (Power Plant) 1, Investigate 1, Life Science (Biology) 1, Medic 0, Physical Science (Chemistry) 1, Space Sciences (Planetology) 6, Streetwise 0
Cr 11,000, Surveying Toolkit, 12 shares to a Lab Ship Enemy: Arjun Gottschalk, bureaucrat on Hephaistos, Contact: Asti Sadler

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27 January 2021

Character Creation Challenge 27 of 31: Lieutenant Yana Sowa

 Sometimes, it ends up being a case of what works best with the dice, and running from there. That's pretty much what happened to generate this character.

Lt. Yana Sowa                                    556B89    Age 26
2 Terms Navy                                    Cr51000
Engineering-1, Jack of All Trades-1, Mechanical 1, Vacc Suit-1

A native of the largely criminal ruled Vanzeti/Sabine, she was disgusted with the business ethics of her homeworld, and joined the Navy to get away. As a spacer, she worked to improve her dexterity and trained in Vacc Suit operations. Approved for reenlistment, she was commissioned and promoted to Lieutenant, and trained in engineering. Unfortunately, her family's organized crime connections caught up to her, leading to a demobilization from the Navy. She's saved up some money, and obtained a Bachelor's Degree during her time in service. Anybody got an opening for a Navy trained engineering officer?

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26 January 2021

Character Creation Challenge 26 of 31: Colonel Altair Popov

So, I went for one of the Alien Modules for Mongoose Traveller here, and went straight for SolSec. In my view of the Solomani Rim, there is an ongoing Cold War on the Armistice Line, with agents from both sides running spies and looking for small advantages. The leadership of both polities doesn't want a war, but there are many influential cliques and organizations who wouldn't mine extra hostility or an embarrassment of their superiors. Colonel Popov is an accomplished SolSec officer, who has recently come to light as one of Coordinator General Elias Treleven's most trusted spymasters in the Solomani Rim.

Altair Popov was born on Chernozem/Gemini, on 332-1074. His family comes from the 'Russian' ethnic majority, not the small minority of 'Svedsky' who are distant relatives of the distant Sword Worlders. From a poor family, his intelligence and education became factors in his ongoing success. He attended the Chernozem University at Novvy Kursk, and majored in Sociology, with a strong study of the law. During this time, he developed an intense rivalry with an upperclass student whose great uncle was on the System Committee for the Solomani Party. Upon graduation, he joined Solomani Security as a Field Agent. Assignments include recovering information related to a series of cold cases, an unpleasant assignment to Vantage where he made the enemy of a local party secretary who is now deceased from natural causes, and an operation where he personally flew an infiltration ship into recover an agent. It was noted he was recently in the company of young Solomani Navy officer, Lieutenant Riika Manz, who may be assigned as a liaison. His closest companion is a former SolSec officer, Hari Vinter, who shows an unusual degree of loyalty to the man. He is known to be a most formidable adversary to Imperial interests in the region, as he is known to be highly loyal to the Solomani Cause, and to the Coordinator General.

STR 4 DEX 7 END 7 INT 11 EDU 12 SOC 10
Admin 2, Advocate 1, Comms 0, Computers 2, Deception 2, Drive (Ground) 0, Engineer 0, Flyer (Grav) 0, Gun Combat (Slug) 2, Investigate 3, Language (Russian) 0, Leadership 1, Medic 0, Pilot (Starship) 2, Social Science (Psycology) 2, Streetwise 0, Zero-G 1
Cr 20,000, Heavy Auto Pistol, Wafer Jack, SC Class courier
Rival, Eliana Urquhardt, upper class student, Enemy, Jonas van der Zee, Party Secretary on Vantage, Ally, Hari Vinter, SolSec officer, Lover, Riika Manz Navy Officer

Others partaking in this challenge include:

25 January 2021

Character Creation Challenge 25 of 31, Captain Gannimakkur Dannuz, Imperial Marines

Going off the often free Starter Traveller set made today's generation slightly different than my normal use of the Traveller Book. It's still a quick way to generate a character while rolling dice.

Gannimakkur Dannuz was recently retired from the Imperial Marines following an injury that forced him out of the Corps. A native of Vland itself, and of nearly full Vilani heritage, he won't talk about the possibility of Solomani or minor human ancestors, he is an accomplished marksman, and small unit leader. With experience in light mechanized operations as well, he is an excellent prospect for any ground operation. 

Gannimakkur Dannuz                                   979A7A    Age 32
3 1/2 Terms                                                    Cr 15,000
ATV-1, Brawling-1, Cutlass-1, Laser Rifle-2, Revolver-1, Tactics-1
High Passage

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24 January 2021

Character Creation Challenge 24 of 31, Scout Binh Ortega

Once again using T5.10, I'm happy I got today's entry in. I was flying across North America on business today, and let's say disease precautions make it more of a bear than previously, but the extra space is nice. I used the empty middle seat foot room for my carry-on and got to stretch out a bit.

Binh Ortega grew up on Menorb/Reginia, and nearly flunked out of high school, despite being from a respected family, as she was often out running with the local Vargr population. Considering her talents, she managed to get into the Imperial Interstellar Scout service right away. She's spent the past 24 years with them, making a career out of working every third term on the communications side of the Scouts, rather than the Exploration side. Her explorations were mostly in the Extents improving relations and charts, but she did have a memorable experience with the Darrian Confederation. She's ready to strike out on her own, with the Serpent-class Scout Thomas Connolly at her command, and wondering what could still be out there. As a hobby, she took up paining recently.

Binh Ortega                                                            79DC78
Scouts, 6 Terms                                                       Age 42
Streetwise 1, Steward 1, Survival 1, Animals 1, Diplomat 1, Trader 1, Engineer 0, Jump Drive 1, Pilot 1, Pilot(ACS) 3, Survey 3, Medic 1, Art (Painting) 1, Sensors 1, Teacher 1, Jack of All Trades 2, Computer 2, Fighter 0, Slug Weapons 2, Comms 1, Hostile Environment 1, Flyer 0, Grav 1, Astrogation 2, Gunner 0, Turret 1, Gvegh 11, Anglic 11, Tezapet 10
Two Ship Shares (Serpent class scout), Cr130,000, Carbine, Fame 12, Land Grant 3, TAS Life Membership -3 SAN

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23 January 2021

Character Creation 23 of 31 Lieutenant Colonel Dame Eualalia Tukera Lachou, Bt, MCG and Bar, MCUF and Bar, WB

There are cadet branches of the Tukera Family throughout the Imperium. It seems they get their claws into every possible system, and even sometimes, they join the Army. A daughter of the family's cadet branch on Roup/Reginia, Eualalia Tukera Lachou, attended the University of Regina and obtained an honors degree in History, and joined the Officer's Training Corps. Despite several years of barely making it through her sophomore year, she graduated with honors. Upon graduation, she requested and was assigned Protected Forces training. Her first tour was filled with training, and two years of peacekeeping. That earned her a first MCUF, and a promotion. Later, she was assigned to various army mission, and a peacekeeping assignment, earning her first MCG and a promotion to Captain. That was followed by more typical assignments, that earned her a wound badge, and a second MCG, and a major's pips. Recently, she completed Command college, and lead her battalion into some heavy action. Retired this year, she was awarded a MCUF for actions despite some questionable circumstances.

Lieutenant Colonel Dame Eualalia Tukera Lachou, Bt        767AAc
Seafarer 1, Streetwise 1, Mechanic 1, History 5, Linguistics 2, Fighter 3, Slug Thrower 2, Leader 1, Flyer 2, Grav 2, Animals 1, Hostile Environment 1, Navigation 1, Heavy Weapons 1, Computer 1, Tactics 2, Sensors 1,Vacc Suit 1, Liasion 1, Strategy 1, Zdtel 8, Stealth 1, Anglic 9
CR 60,000, Gauss Rifle, StarPass, TAS Fellowship, Life Insurance Two MCG, Two MCUF, Wound Badge

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22 January 2021

Character Creation Challenge, 22 of 31, Rear Admiral Countess Dijana Beaudoin Tivoli, DS, DSE, Countess of Fenris

Currently the commander of Patrol Forces, Sol Subsector, she is a native of Dingir/Dingir and the younger daughter of Baron Tivoli, liaison to several member states of the Dingir League of Peoples, and a maternal cousin of the Dukes of her homeworld. A graduate of the Albadawi People's University with a degree in biology, she joined the Imperial Navy in 1098, as a line officer. Since then, her assignments include Astrogation Division Officer, Weapons Officer, Command of the Fleet Courier Philippides , and command of the 22nd Destroyer Squadron. Her current assignment is non-tradtional in the Imperial Navy, as large patrol forces are not common. At this point, she command a Patrol Cruiser group, four System Task Forces, and a destroyer squadron. It's barely enough ships for the job, and she's making a decent job of it. Her title of Countess was recently confirmed, as she's one of the most senior Imperial nobles in the rimward portion of the Duchy of Sol, and at the end of this tour, is expected to be nominated to become the Commander in Chief and Governor of Fenris/Sol. Her orders include the Order of Sol, and the Order of Solar Excellence.

STR 6 DEX 6 END 10 INT 11 EDU 10 SOC 14
Age 42 Navy (Crew/Line) 5, University 
Admin 2, Art (Painting) 0, Astrogation 1, Comms 1, Computers 0, Gun Combat (Slug) 0, Gunner (Turrets) 0, Leadership 1, Life Science (Biology) 2, Mechanic 0, Melee (Blade) 1, Pilot (Starship) 3, Seafarer 0, Sensors 1, Social Sciences (Economics) 1, Streetwise 0, Tactics (Naval) 1, Vacc Suit 0, Zero-G 1
Cr 20,000, six ship shares, foil

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21 January 2021

Character Creation Challenge 21 of 31, Sarvesh Bonaccorsi

From Book 4, here's a single term solider.

Lance Sergeant Sarvesh Bonaccorsi                     595984 Age 22
1 Term                                                                       Cr10,000
Combat Engineer-1,  Gauss Rifle-1, Grav Vehicle-1, Vacc Suit-1
Gauss Rifle

When you're from Jewell, when in doubt, you join the Army. That's exactly what Sarvesh Bonaccorsi did. He joined the Jewell Army, and trained as a Sapper for four years, including protected forces training. Unfortunately for him, a change in Army priorities lead to his battalion, the 25th Combat Engineers (The Pearl Builders) to be disbanded. He took his discharge with a grain of salt, a cash bonus, his old gauss rifle, and is now looking for something to do. Mercenaries are hiring, and there's a minor war going on at Ruie.

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20 January 2021

Character Creation Challenge 20 of 31, Mohan Lungu

Here's a fixture of many a starport, a low-level gambler and general thug. Sometimes, they end up wearing nicer clothing, or looking for less dangerous work.

Mo Lungu grew up on Agidda/Sol, where his abbreviated schooling trained him in shipbuilding, but he really was more out with friends. He rebelled against his respectable family, and ended up with a gang on the streets when he dropped out of school. Like most in his 'profession', he didn't exactly make a lot of friends, more likely to have enemies. Particularly, Kjell Langdon, a minor crime boss. He's been living by his wits, but has a feeling now that many of his former associates have been sent to Newcome/Banasdan, it's time to find a less risky job than occasionally breaking legs, and stooging for shady merchants. He's currently at Fenris/Sol, where he's looking for gainful employment when he's not working the tables at a casino. He's also working on some unofficial supplies for a number of people, as well.

Age 30 Rogue (Enforcer) 3
Atheltics 0, Carouse 1, Deception 1, Drive (Wheeled) 1, Gambler 2, Gun Combat (Slug Pistols) 1, Melee (Blade) 1, Persuade 1, Recon 0, Stealth 0, Streetwise 1, Trade (Shipbuilding) 0
Cloth armor, Enemy Kjell Langdon Cr 110,000

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19 January 2021

Character Creation Challenge 19 of 31, Bernadette Balboni

Today, per my schedule, is another Classic Traveller character. In this case, she was quick and easy to
generate. I spent more time on research for the biography than on rolling the stats.

Bernadette Balboni, Marine Lieutenant, 1 term Age 22
UPP C78776                                                Cr10,000
Cutlass-2, Electronics-1, Gambling-1, Revolver-1

Bernadette Balboni grew up on Skull/Lanth to a slightly shady merchant's family. There wasn't much lacking, but her parents were able to keep food on the table and clothes on their backs. As one of the biggest kids in her school, she was often picked for sporting events, and popular enough. Once she came of age, eager to get away from the cutthroat mercantile existence of Skull, she joined the Imperial Marines. Her initial enlistment was accepted, and she was commissioned an officer, and assigned to Provost duties at Icetina and Extolay. Sadly, her gambling skills were criticized by a senior officer, and she was asked to find other opportunities. Right now, she's on Regina, and looking for work. She knows that Cr 10,000 won't last her long.

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18 January 2021

Character Creation Challenge 18 of 31, Boland Gasse

Making my return to Traveller characters, I thought it was best to use Mongoose Traveller to generate possible NPCs for my Solomani Rim solitaire campaign. First things first, I generated the name, and played with it to get one I liked the sound of. The name gave me an idea for home world, and then I started rolling, and selected a career.

Boland Gasse is a native of Eleusis/Concorde (SR2109), a wealthy world famed for swordsmanship. As a boy, his life was rather aimless, so he applied for a position with the Subsector Bureau of Investigation, where he came in as a rookie agent. Graduating at the top of his intake, he was promoted to Agent immediately. Field Agent promotion was quick as well, and by age 34 he was a Special Agent. In his assignments, he met Marianna Orman, a TNS reporter in the subsector.  Assigned to an exchange tour in the neighboring Sulieman subsector, he was badly injured in a trap set by Solomani Party terrorists, and spent the several years recovering. Thankfully, the agency picked up most of the bill, but he was still left with some money owed. Wanting to do something with his life, Marianna suggested he start writing. In the past few years, he's managed a small success writing a series of thriller novels regarding various Imperial Intelligence agencies fighting threats of all sorts, and making appearances on programs as a commentator. He's met some interesting people, but his old friend Kartikeya Chan, who helps him with some current information and gives him some ideas is a cherished relationship from the circuit. He's heard there's interesting things happening closer to Terra, and he's always wanted to see Humaniti's homeworld, so he's headed to Terra.

STR     8    DEX 6    END 9    INT 11    EDU    9    SOC 9  Age 46
Seven terms total, Five Agent (Intelligence), Two Entertainer (Artist)
Advocate 1, Art (Writing) 1, Carouse 0, Computers 1, Deception 3, Drive (Ground) 1, Gambler 1, Gun Combat (Slug Pistol) 1, Gun Combat (Slug Rifle) 1, Investigate 1, Medic 0, Melee (Large Blade) 1, Persuade 1, Recon 0, Steward 1, Streetwise 0, Trade(Polymers) 0
Cr112,500, Foil, Forensics Kit, Wafer Jack, 2 Ship Shares. Contact: Marianna Orman News Editor, Ally: Kartikeya Chan, former colleague

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17 January 2021

Character Creation Challenge 17 of 31, Dean Gallas-Harner

For the last BattleTech character, I went with a character whose story ties in with the 2018 Harebrained Schemes game. The following year, Catalyst and the writers released a short sourcebook on integrating the video game into the official setting. Considering it's the most publicity the setting's received since 2004 or so, I was happy to buy a copy of the game and the sourcebook.

Dean Gallas-Harner is a member of the aristocracy on Itrom, where he claims a distant relationship to Finn Gallas, Hertog Itrom and CEO of Griffonwyne Unlimited. His family has a modest landholding, and he was able to train as an apprentice from age 10 to be the pilot of the family's old Griffin, Martel. Upon his graduation from apprenticeship, he was assigned a post as part of the local defenses on Itrom, mostly seeing action against various pirate bands, some who know him as 'that Griffin pilot we want to see dead'. When Kamea Arano's forces came to liberate the world, his lance promptly surrendered. Examining his options, he's considering moving on to other pastures as well as staying with the Aurigian Coalition.

Name: Dean Gallas-Harner

Faction: Major Periphery State/Aurigan Reach
XP:        5000
Attributes Score Link
STR                 4
BOD         4
RFL                 4
DEX         4
INT                 4
WIL         4
CHA         4
EDG         1     -2
Connections (1)
Enemy (Pirates) (1)
Enemy (Rival Claimant) 2
Equipped (1)
Property (3)
Rank Cornet (3)
Reputation (2)
Vehicle GRF-1N Griffin (4)
Wealth (3)
Skills                                    Level
Administration                         2
Animal Handling                     
Career/Soldier                          3
Computers                                1
Driving/Ground                       0 
Gunnery/Mech                         4
Interest/Homeworld History    0
Interest/Literature                    1
Interest/Military History          2
Language/English                    1
Language/Spanish                    0
Leadership                                2
Martial Arts                              3
Melee Weapons                        2
Navigation/Ground                   2
Negotiation                               1
Perception                                 1
Piloting/Mech                           4
Protocol/Aurgian Reach           4
Running                                    1
Sensor Operations                    2
Small Arms                              3
Strategy                                    0
Survival/Forest                         1
Swimming                                1
Tactics/Land                             2
Technician/Electronics             2
Training                                    1
10 reloads
Flak Jacket
3 Patches
Combat Boots
2 Fatigues
Jump Suit
Advanced Field Kit
Electronic Compass
Medical Kit
Standard MechWarrior Equipment
Walking:    8
Running:    19
Sprinting:    39
Military School
Family Training, OCS
Tour of Duty: Periphery Age 21

Today, I present:

16 January 2021

Character Creation Challenge 16 of 31, Ava Lindsey, Dropship Pilot

Now I'm on to the final BattleTech roleplaying system I own, A Time of War, from 2009. I got my
Signatures are Herb Beas, Loren L. Coleman, Jordan Weisman, Michael A. Stackpole, and Randall Bills
The 3025 Successor Lords on the right
hardcopy at Discordia Games in Bremerton, WA. In the intervening years, it looks like they've managed to finish their game room. It was unfinished every time I went there! The fun thing about this, is I managed to provide some input on an input thread, so my BattleTech username is in there. This edition is set in 3075 nominally, but is adaptable to any era, given the right information

Ava Lindsey is a civilian DropShip pilot who recently was kicked off her position as the junior pilot of a Buccaneer class cargo craft. She ended up informing the AFFS of a cargo that was planted by the Citizens for Davion Purity movement, a domestic terrorist group. By turning Prince's Evidence, she saved herself, but the rest of the crew was dismissed, and the owner, in a fit of pique, sacked her, despite being an innocent party. As of right now, she's on Firgrove, looking for a berth off world, even considering a military position as well. Good pilots are hard to find, and she's one.

Name: Ava Lindsey
Faction: Federated Suns/Crucis March
XP Total: 4999
Attributes Score Link
STR                 3         -1
BOD         5         0
RFL                 5         0
DEX         5         0
INT                 7         1
WIL         4         0
CHA         5         0
EDG         2        -1
Enemy: Citizens for Davion Purity
Equipped 1
Thin Skinned
Wealth 1
Skills                             Level         Links            TN/C          
Administration                   +1          INT/WIL    8/SA
Art/Music                           +0          DEX           8/CB
Career/DropShip Pilot       +3           INT            7/SB
Comms/Conventional         +2          INT            7/SB
Computers                           +3         INT            8/CB
Driving/Ground                   +2         RFL/DEX  8/SA
Interest/Fed Suns History    +2        INT             8/CB
Interest/Religion                  +2        INT             8/CB
Interest/Stargazing               +2        INT            8/CB
Language/English                +1        INT/CHA   8/SA
Language/German               +1        INT/CHA    8/SA
Leadership                           +1        WIL/CHA   9/SA
Navigation/Space                +2        INT              7/SB
Negotiation                          +1        CHA            8/SB
Perception                            +0        INT              7/SB         
Piloting/Spacecraft              +3        RFL/DEX    8/SA
Protocol/Federated Suns     +1         WIL/CHA   9/CA
Sensor Operations               +2         INT/WIL    8/SA
Small Arms                         +0         DEX            7/SB
Streetwise/Federated Suns  +2        CHA             8/SB
Swimming                           +0        STR              8/SB
Zero-G Operations              +2        RFL              7/SB
Auto Pistol                 50
10 reloads                 20
Concealed Flak Jacket 150
Sunglasses                  3
Dress shoes, formal suit 250
Overcoat                         55
Clothing                         500
Work Boots                 36
Leather Jacket                 50
Civilian Communicator 45
Noteputer                 500
3 micro powerpacks 30
Kinetic Recharger         10
Grip shoes                 30
Walk 8
Run 18
Sprint 36

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15 January 2021

Character Creation Challenge, 15 of 31, Chidi of Clan Jade Falcon

Continuing my BattleTech week, I return with a Clan Elemental. For those not familiar with the setting, Elementals are the massive genetically modified battlesuited infantry used by the Clans. Massive, at over 2.5 meters, they operate high tech suits of armor capable of feats of strength. The suits carry a heavy support weapon in one arm, an infantry weapon in the other under a claw, and four tac missiles, while capable of jumping 90 m on jets, and shrugging off any weapon short of a tank main gun or large caliber artillery blast.

Star Commander Chidi is a massive man, nearly 2.5 meters tall, and rather quick for his size. His presence scares many, despite missing his right foot. Born in the Clan Homeworlds 24 years ago, he leads twenty-four other armored giants against the foes of Clan Jade Falcon in the Inner Sphere. Like any successful warrior, he learned early on the value of making enemies. He entered the forces of his clan in 3053, as part of the rebuilding process following the Battle of Tukayyid the proceeding year. He participated in offensive operations, was badly wounded by the Wolves in the Refusal War, and now been returned to duty in the  Clans. At this time, he is examining his life, and wonders what he needs to do to earn a Bloodname in house Icaza.

Chidi Jade Falcon, House Icaza, age 24
Attributes    Value    Mod    Max
STR                8           -1        9
BOD               8           -1        9
DEX               6            -      7
RFL                7            -1       8
INT                 5            -        8
WIL                6            -         9
CHA               4             -       8
EDG               3           +1       8
SOC               7            -1        8
Custom Vehicle-3
Elemental Phenotype
Enemy/Star Commander Celestino
Good Reputation
Lost Limb/Left Foot-3
Rank, Commission-1
Quirk/Clan Honor
Vehicle -2
Academic/Clan History    +0
Career/Soldier +1
First Aid +0
*Gunnery/Ballistic/Humanoid +3
*Gunnery/Laser/Humanoid +3
*Gunnery/Missile/Humanoid +3
Interest/Clan Rememberence +2
Language/English +1
*Martial Arts/Battlesuit +3
Martial Arts/Military +1
Navigation/Ground +1
Perception +0
*Piloting/BattleSuit +3
Pistols +1
*Sensor Operations +2
Strategy +0
Swimming +0
*Tactics/Infantry +2
XP: 1
Combat Boots
Clan Elemental Armor, Small Laser, Laser Rifle
Type 4 Advanced Prosthesis Left Foot
ER Laser Pistol, HC powerpack
*Natural Aptitude

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14 January 2021

Character Creation Challenge 14 of 31, Geoffrey Pierce

Once again into the breach, and here is a MechWarrior 3rd Edition/Classic BattleTech RPG character. At this point, I felt it was best to finish off the Successor States, and run with a character from the Federated Suns. Randomness only goes so far, and then you want to cover all the bases. In this case, I took the languages available at the start for the character, and used that to generate a name, and thus, sex. Somehow, I managed to collect all the supplements for this game, on and off over the last twenty years. FASA was able to use the MechWarrior 3 computer game logo, as this came out shortly after the release of the computer game. For once, their marketing efforts were on the ball!

Lefteant Pierce is a MechWarrior currently assigned to the First Fed Com Regimental Combat Team, where he leads a scout lance of four light 'Mechs. Originally from Antietam in the Crucis March, his father was the director of the local branch of Apple Computers Interstellar, providing them with a comfortable lifestyle. He went to a preparatory school, with the idea he'd enter some FedSuns corporation, but he committed the social faux pas of getting too close to a young woman who hailed from the newly liberated Sarna March, and was adopted locally. He refused to back down, and was instead sent away to the War College of Goshen. While there, he tested into the MechWarrior training program, earning his spurs and getting the eye of Academy Commandant Archibald Enoch, and he stayed on for a rotation at the Training Cadre. A proficient MechWarrior, his first tour with the 20th Avalon Hussars saw him transferred out to the New Avalon Institute of Science College of Military Science for Officer Candidate School, due to his performance in the retreat from the Capellan invasion. His time for commissioning caused him to spend an extra year there, getting cross training in infantry tactics. Upon graduation, he was assigned to the FedCom corps, where his company spent much of the past year out of action, and he came back withdrawn and unhappy, while starting to vocally back the claim of the deposed Archon Prince.

Geoffrey Pierce, age 27
Attributes    Value    Mod    Max
STR                5            -        8
BOD               6            -        8
DEX               7            -1      8
RFL                6            -        8
INT                 6            -        8
WIL                8            -1      8
CHA               4             -       8
EDG               3           +1       8
SOC               4             -        8
Alternate Identity
Contact (2) Archibald Enoch 
Glass Jaw
Good Reputation
Quirk/Self Doubt
Rank 2, Commission (Leftenant)
Stigma/Pro Victor
Vehicle 2 WLF-2 Wolfhound
Academic/Federated Suns History +1
Academic/Mathematics +1
Academic/Military History +2
Academic/Philosophies of Peace +2
Academic/Philosophies of War +2
Acting +1
Administration +1
Appraisal +1
Artillery +1
Bureaucracy/Federated Suns +1
Career/Solider +2
Climbing +1
Comms/Conv +1
Computers +1
First Aid +2
Gunnery/Ballistic/Humanoid +3
Gunnery/Laser/Humanoid +3
Gunnery/Missile/Humanoid +3
Interest/Holovid Games +0
Jump Pack +1
Language/English +1
Language/French +0
Language/German +1
Language/Hindi +0
Leadership +1
Martial Arts/Military +2
Navigation/Ground +2
Negotiation +1
Perception +1
Piloting/Mech +3
Pistols +1
Protocol/Federated Suns +2
Rifles +2
Scrounge +1
Sensor Operations +1
*Strategy +3
Support Weapons +1
Tactics/Ground +1
Tactics/Infantry +1
Tactics/Mech +1
Tactics/Naval +0
Training +1
Bolt-Action Rifle
5 Reloads
5 Reloads
Ablative/Flack Vest
Combat boots
Medical Kit
Military Communicator
Jump Suits, 2
Basic Field Kit
3 Micro Powerpacks
Dress Uniform
Music Chips
Slug Thrower Clean/Repair Kit
1535 C-bills remaining

*Natural Aptitude

Today's roundup:

13 January 2021

Character Creation Challenge 13 of 31, Valentina Chaves

Another BattleTech MechWarrior, Valentina Chaves is very different from the aristocratic characters I previously posted. She's a native of Galisteo in the Free Worlds League, where she left home at an early age to get away from her overbearing father and grandfather in town. She joined the Free Worlds League Military, and managed to get into an Academy prep program for the Allison MechWarrior Institute. She thrived in the atmosphere, overjoyed to be taken for her own value for once in her life, not just as a pretty girl. She graduated as part of the class of 3051, and was assigned a refitted RFL-5M Rifleman heavy BattleMech, and an assignment to the White Sabers of the Twelfth Atrean Dragoons.

BLD     4 (8+)
REF     6 (6+)
INT      5 (7+)
LRN     6 (6+)
CHA     5 (7+)
Athletic 8+
Physical 7+
Mental 7+
Social 8+
Advantages: Well Equipped-1
Advanced Academy Package Allison MWI
Gunnery/BattleMech    3         (4+)
MedTech                       1         (6+)
Piloting/BattleMech     3          (4+)
Protocol                        2          (6+)
Small Arms                  1          (6+)
Survival                        2          (5+)
Seduction                     1          (7+)
Edge: 1
Assets: 500 C-Bills
3 reloads
Deluxe Field Kit
Ablative/Flack Vest
Dart Gun
10 reloads

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12 January 2021

Character Creation Challenge 12 of 31, Haidar Inoue

Continuing with my BattleTech week in the character creation challenge, I used MechWarrior, Second Edition from 1991 to create this character. And yes, he counts as an Elite MechWarrior from the end of character creation. It's a remarkably simple system to min-max once you understand how the skills work with the attributes. So, here's Chu-i (Lieutenant) Haidar Inoue of the Draconis Combine Mustered Soldiery in the year 3052.

The son of a samurai family in the Draconis Combine, he is a graduate of the Sun Tzu School of Combat, where he was completed the extensive training program and became an officer. His father was a MechWarrior as well, one of the few 'mainline' DCMS officers to serve with the Arkab Legions, where he worked closely with those warriors, and named his son after an officer he came to regard as a brother in arms. Naturally, the 'team play' aspect came to attract his father's attention, and he was sent there as a cadet, and trained as an officer. He received his daisho and was commissioned in 3049, and assigned to the famed Ryuken-ni. During the Clan Invasion, he fought in the raids against the Smoke Jaguars and Nova Cats from Wolcott. With the Truce era beginning, the DCMS and him are on edge against the invaders, not knowing what will happen in the near future. Recently, his family BattleMech was replaced by a MON-67 Mongoose.

BLD    4 (8+)
REF     6 (6+)
INT      6 (6+)
LRN    5 (7+)
CHA    3 (9+)
Atheltic 8+
Physical 6+
Mental 7+
Social 9+
Advantages: Well Equipped-2
Advanced University Package MechWarrior MOS, Leadership Training FOS
Blade                            3          (5+)
Bureaucracy                 2          (7+)
Gunnery/BattleMech    3         (3+)
Leadership                    1         (8+)
MedTech                       1         (6+)
Negotiation                   1         (8+)
Piloting/BattleMech     3          (3+)
Protocol                        2          (7+)
Small Arms                  2          (4+)
Tactics                          1          (6+)
Throwing Weapons      1          (5+)
Unarmed Combat         1          (7+)
Edge: 1
Assets: 500 C-Bills
Preserving Sleeve
Ablative/Flak Bodysuit
4 Patches
2 Daggers
6 reloads
6 reloads
6 smoke microgrenades
6 flash microgrenades
6 explosive microgrenades
Starlight Goggles

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