27 January 2021

Character Creation Challenge 27 of 31: Lieutenant Yana Sowa

 Sometimes, it ends up being a case of what works best with the dice, and running from there. That's pretty much what happened to generate this character.

Lt. Yana Sowa                                    556B89    Age 26
2 Terms Navy                                    Cr51000
Engineering-1, Jack of All Trades-1, Mechanical 1, Vacc Suit-1

A native of the largely criminal ruled Vanzeti/Sabine, she was disgusted with the business ethics of her homeworld, and joined the Navy to get away. As a spacer, she worked to improve her dexterity and trained in Vacc Suit operations. Approved for reenlistment, she was commissioned and promoted to Lieutenant, and trained in engineering. Unfortunately, her family's organized crime connections caught up to her, leading to a demobilization from the Navy. She's saved up some money, and obtained a Bachelor's Degree during her time in service. Anybody got an opening for a Navy trained engineering officer?

Today's round-up:

Name: Yana Sowa
System: Classic Traveller
Homeworld: Vanzeti/Sabine
Date of Birth 84-1079
STR         5
DEX 5 4
INT         11
EDU 8 6
Age 18
Navy? 7+1
Survival? 6+2
Commission 5+1
2 Personal Development
1 Advanced Education
Reenlist? 6
Age 22
Survival? 3+2
Commission 10+1
Rank 1 Ensign
Promotion? 9
Rank 2 Lieutenant
4 Advanced Education
2 Advanced Education
6 Advanced Education
Reenlist? 5
Age 26 3 Benefits
Vacc Suit                 1
Engineering         1
Mechanical         1
Jack of All Trades 1
Cash 1 1000
Cash 6 50000
Benefit 3 +2 Edu

I used the really good tables from T5 for generating her birthdate and homeworld here, so I'm very happy with how this turned out.

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