16 January 2021

Character Creation Challenge 16 of 31, Ava Lindsey, Dropship Pilot

Now I'm on to the final BattleTech roleplaying system I own, A Time of War, from 2009. I got my
Signatures are Herb Beas, Loren L. Coleman, Jordan Weisman, Michael A. Stackpole, and Randall Bills
The 3025 Successor Lords on the right
hardcopy at Discordia Games in Bremerton, WA. In the intervening years, it looks like they've managed to finish their game room. It was unfinished every time I went there! The fun thing about this, is I managed to provide some input on an input thread, so my BattleTech username is in there. This edition is set in 3075 nominally, but is adaptable to any era, given the right information

Ava Lindsey is a civilian DropShip pilot who recently was kicked off her position as the junior pilot of a Buccaneer class cargo craft. She ended up informing the AFFS of a cargo that was planted by the Citizens for Davion Purity movement, a domestic terrorist group. By turning Prince's Evidence, she saved herself, but the rest of the crew was dismissed, and the owner, in a fit of pique, sacked her, despite being an innocent party. As of right now, she's on Firgrove, looking for a berth off world, even considering a military position as well. Good pilots are hard to find, and she's one.

Name: Ava Lindsey
Faction: Federated Suns/Crucis March
XP Total: 4999
Attributes Score Link
STR                 3         -1
BOD         5         0
RFL                 5         0
DEX         5         0
INT                 7         1
WIL         4         0
CHA         5         0
EDG         2        -1
Enemy: Citizens for Davion Purity
Equipped 1
Thin Skinned
Wealth 1
Skills                             Level         Links            TN/C          
Administration                   +1          INT/WIL    8/SA
Art/Music                           +0          DEX           8/CB
Career/DropShip Pilot       +3           INT            7/SB
Comms/Conventional         +2          INT            7/SB
Computers                           +3         INT            8/CB
Driving/Ground                   +2         RFL/DEX  8/SA
Interest/Fed Suns History    +2        INT             8/CB
Interest/Religion                  +2        INT             8/CB
Interest/Stargazing               +2        INT            8/CB
Language/English                +1        INT/CHA   8/SA
Language/German               +1        INT/CHA    8/SA
Leadership                           +1        WIL/CHA   9/SA
Navigation/Space                +2        INT              7/SB
Negotiation                          +1        CHA            8/SB
Perception                            +0        INT              7/SB         
Piloting/Spacecraft              +3        RFL/DEX    8/SA
Protocol/Federated Suns     +1         WIL/CHA   9/CA
Sensor Operations               +2         INT/WIL    8/SA
Small Arms                         +0         DEX            7/SB
Streetwise/Federated Suns  +2        CHA             8/SB
Swimming                           +0        STR              8/SB
Zero-G Operations              +2        RFL              7/SB
Auto Pistol                 50
10 reloads                 20
Concealed Flak Jacket 150
Sunglasses                  3
Dress shoes, formal suit 250
Overcoat                         55
Clothing                         500
Work Boots                 36
Leather Jacket                 50
Civilian Communicator 45
Noteputer                 500
3 micro powerpacks 30
Kinetic Recharger         10
Grip shoes                 30
Walk 8
Run 18
Sprint 36

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