05 January 2021

Character Creation Challenge 5 of 31, Lord Theodore McAuley Brand

 Taking a break from my norms, I went with semi-random character creation this time, to give me a
character with a place in my solo play. Lord Brand is MM1 Brand's older brother, and thus, heir to the Marquisate of Saagii. I assigned him a Social Standing of 12, for the family's noble status, and then randomly rolled the rest. Here's his stat block:

Lord Theodore McAuley Brand    Army (Cavalry 1), Noble (Administrator 4)
887A9C Admin-3, Advocate 1, Animals-0, Athletics-0, Carouse-1, Comms-1, Computer-0, Drive-0, Diplomat-2, Deception-2, Flyer(Gav)-1, Gun Combat(Slug Pistol)-1, Heavy Weapons-0, Investigate-1, Leadership-1, Melee(Blade)-1, Persuade-1
Cr 160,000, Foil, 5 Shares for a Yacht, 3 General Ship Shares 

He attended the Kelvin Imperial University, taking a degree in Public Administration, and the Officer's Training Corps. Upon graduation, he was commissioned into the Saagii Hussars, where he spent four years commanding initially a platoon of Intrepid Gav Tanks, then the Squadron EW platoon, before serving on the staff of the squadron. He was released form his commission to the Army Reserve in 1104, where he began work in the Imperial Ministry of Commerce's Banking Section. Quickly advancing, his keen eye for business lead him into a conflict with Baroness Jada Seidel of Bellin, one of the other nobles in the region, but he was promoted. Another excellent period, and despite making an enemy of Sir Torston Larson of Larson Mercantile, he stayed with the MoC. He took some time to consider starting a family, but finding his work suffered, he threw himself back into it for a few more years. He recently took a sabbatical from his position, despite being recently promoted to manager, and obtained access to the family yacht. His intentions are unknown at this time.

A picture of Lord Theodore

Today's Entries include:

My rolls are below, as usual

Name: Theodore McAuley Brand
System: Mongoose Traveller
Homeworld: Saagii/Madoc (Diaspora 2333)
DEX 8    (9)
INT         10    (9)
EDU 9      (8)
SOC 12
AGE 18
9+1 Admitted
7+1 Grad!
Event 9, Investigate 0
Army Commission?
7+2 Rank 01
AGE 22
Enlist? 11+1
Branch? Cavalry
Survive? 10+1
Event? 56
Promotion? 7+1+0
Rank 2 Captain
3 Cavalry
3 Service Skills
Two Benefits-Army
AGE 26
Nobility - Administrator
Automatic Qualification
Survive? 7+1
Event? 6
Promotion? 6+1
Rank 1 Clerk
1 Service Skills
4 Administrator
AGE 30
Nobility - Administrator
Survive? 8+1
Event? 9
Promotion? 10+2+1
Rank 2 Supervisor
3 Service Skills
3 Personal Development
Age 34
Aging? 12-4
Nobility - Administrator
Survive? 6+1
Event? 4
Promotion? 2+1
Rank 2 Supervisor
5 Personal Development
AGE 38
Aging? 10-5
Nobility - Administrator
Survive? 4+1
Event? 5
Promotion? 8+1
Rank 3 Manager
5 Service Skills
5 Advanced Education
AGE 42
Aging? 6-6
6 Benefit Rolls
Animal 0
Carouse 1
Computer 0
Admin 3
Advocate 1
Leadership 1
Drive 0
Athletics 0
Gun Combat (Slug Pistol) 1
Recon 0
Melee (Blade) 1
Heavy Weapons 0
Flyer (Grav) 1
Persuade 1
Diplomat 2
Deception 2
Comms 1
Investigate 1
    Cash 4 10000
    Item 2 +1 int
    Cash 6 100000
    Cash 3 50000
    Item 3 Foil
    Item 1 One Ship Share
    Item 6 Yacht
    Item 2 Two Ship Shares
Rival: Baroness Jada Seidel of Bellin
Enemy: Sir Torston Larson

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