06 January 2021

Character Creation Challenge, 6 of 31, Sublieutenant Varinia Janacek


Today, I went for Book 5 for my character of the day. And this time, it wasn't so good!

Varinia Flavia Janacek Navy Sublieutenant             7A68A9    Age 26
1 Term+College                                                        Cr 5000
Bribery-1, Gun Combat-1, Jack of All Trades-1, Liasion-1, Navigation-1
High Passage

A native of Wonstar/Five Sisters, she decided that life on a backwater barely capable of local spaceflight wasn't for her. Finding the Wonstar Down College offered a Navy Officer's Training Corps sealed the deal for her, and she saw it as a ticket off world, thanks to the Imperial Navy base. She passed her studies, and was barely commissioned upon leaving college. She was denied by the Imperial Navy, but picked up by the Five Sisters Duchy Navy as a line officer. Her initial training focused on working with other organizations, and how to work in zero g, helpful considering the low tech nature of many of the worlds in the Subsector. Her first assignment was back to school; this time to learn the arts of Naval Intelligence, followed by a shore posting as a staff intelligence officer ashore at Karin Base supporting the blockade of Candory and Andor, where she learned the fine art of investigating how unscrupulous traders would run the blockade. Finally, she got shipboard duty, assigned to the one of the subsector fleet's aging battleships as an Astrogation Officer, while it lead a task force on a raid on a pirate haven in District 268 that was interfering with commerce across the Bowman Arm, and possibly attacking the Scout Base at Walston/District 268. As a result of this operation, she was awarded the Medal for Conspicuous Gallantry. Despite her excellent performance, she was not in the social set expected of officers in the Five Sisters Navy, and released from service recently at Iderati/Five Sisters.

In today's round-up,

Per my habits, rolls are below the fold.

Name: Varinia Flavia Janacek
System: Classic Traveller
Homeworld: Wonstar/Five Sisters (SM 0538)
DEX 10
EDU 10 7
Age 18
Admission? 9+0
Success? 5+2
EDU? 5-2+1
Honors? 8+1
NOTC? 8+0
Rank O1
Age 22
IN? 5+3
Subsector? 12+3
Branch? 3+2
Basic Training
5+1 Line
6+1 Line
Command? 7-2
Assignment? 11
Special Duty? 2
Forgery? 1
Gun Combat? 4
Streetwise? 3
Interrogation? 1
Command? 4-2
Assignment? 7
Survival? Auto
Decoration? None
Skills? 7
Staff Officer 5
Retention? 4
Command? 8-2
Assignment? 5
Survival? 6
Decoration? 9
Promotion? 4+1+2
Rank O2
Skills? 7
6+4 Shipboard Life
3+1 Line
Reenlist? 3+1
AGE 26

Liasion 1
Zero G Combat 1
Gun Combat 1
Bribery 1
Jack of All Trades 1
Navigation 1
Terms 1
Rank 1
Cash 3 5000
Benefits 6 High Passage


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