03 January 2021

Character Creation Challenge 3 of 31, Baroness Natalia Tomer Conti

 Another from GURPS Traveller, meet Baroness Natalia Tomer Conti, Imperial Diplomatic Corps. She's part of the Imperial Advisory Team on Hofud/Sword Worlds (SM 1524) in 1120, working to try and avoid a bloody war. A member of an aristocratic family on Vilis/Vilis (SM 1119), her professional background was in various diplomatic posts around the Spinward Marches since 1103, when she graduated from the University of Rhylanor Graduate School of Interstellar Affairs. Since then, she's been assigned to various various posts in the Darrian Confederation, Sword Worlds, Federation of Arden, and various independent systems in the DMZ. Now, she's found herself in the Border Worlds, trying to keep the Hofud People's Army from starting another war. As herself, she's an attractive, tall woman with short, dark hair.

From other blogs participating in this challenge:

Stats below!
The biography I posted for the Baroness is correct, but incomplete. She's been an Imperial Intelligence officer under official cover for most of her career. While she's officially not a spy, and working to defuse the potentially explosive situation on Hofud, there's still at least one Tozjabr spymaster who she ran an operation against who wants her dead. She may be running agents as well as participating in negotiations at this time. Elements of the Imperium and the Border Worlds leadership recognize that having the HPA as part of the power structure may reduce tensions in this case. It's been suggested she may be trying to speak with the leaders in Ny Vanaas with a small party.

Baroness Natalia Tomer Conti

Human (Imperial) Age 42, 6'1" (1.85m), 135lb (61 kg)

ST 10 [0]    DX 10 [0]   IQ 13 [30]    HT 12 [20]
 Basic Speed 5.75    Move 5
Advantages: Ally (Loyal Retainer, 12 or Less) [10], Alternate Identity [15], Attractive Appearance [5], Contact, Local Leader-18 9 or less [3], Contact, Army Officer-18, 9 or less [3], Contact, Scout-18, 9 or less [3], Contact, Merchant-18, 9 or less [3], Contact, Smuggler-18, 9 or less [3], Contact, Border Office-18, 9 or less [3], Patron, Border Office 6 or less, [7], Sanctity [5], Security Clearance [5], Status-3 (Baroness) [15], Wealth (Comfortable) [15],
Disadvantages: Duty, Border Office, 12 or less [-10], Enemy, Zhodani Spymaster, 9 or less [-10], Sense of Duty (Imperium) [-10], Secret (Former Spy) [-10]
Quirks: Amused by Sword Worlder Sexism, Enjoys hiding her identity, Wears pink bunny slippers at home, Extremely flirty when drunk, Proud [-5]
Skills: Acting-12 [1], Administration-14 [4], Area Knowledge (Spinward Marches)-13 [1], Bard-13 [2], Beam Weapons*-13 [1], Carousing-12 [2], Chess-13 [1], Detect Lies-13 [4], Diplomacy-14 [6], Disguise-12 [1], Drive/Ground Car [10]-1, Fast Talk-12 [1], Fencing-10 [1], Intelligence Analysis-12 [3], Literature-11 [1], Politics-13 [2], Pilot/Contragrav-10 [1], Reserach-12 [2], Savior-Faire^-16 (2), Sex Appeal-11 [1], Writing-13 [2], 
Languages: Anglic-13 [Native], Sagamal-13 [2], Darrian-12 [1], Zhodani-13 [2], Gvegh-12 [1]

*Includes +2 from IQ
^Includes +2 from Status

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