09 January 2021

Character Creation Challenge 9 of 31, Uthkaengir the Vargr Scout

For this one, my dog Sadie looked up with her brown puppy eyes, and wanted more involvement in my
Sadie, a very good girl
gaming endeavors. Or maybe not, and I thought that if I'm generating Traveller characters, I might as well generate a character from one of the iconic Traveller aliens, the canid Vargr.

In this case, I went to work using GURPS Traveller setting book, and Alien Races I. I generated her name using the language creation tables, and the rest the Vargr template and the Scout template from the setting book. Also, I used Far Trader for skill ideas, and I shelled out the points for a detached duty Scout/Courier.

Uthkaengir (Uth-kinge-ir) is an Imperial citizen, born to a family of Vargr refugees from the Extents who has lived in the Imperium her entire life. She grew up speaking Gvegh, but learned Anglic as a pup. After completing her education, she joined the Scout service, where her curiosity and xenophilia made her a natural fit. She spent twelve years in the Imperial Grand Survey in roles including ship's pilot, engineer, and survey assistant. Her scientific expertise was in terrestrial worlds, and their ecology, along with some geological and botanical studies. Now, she's ready to see more than just the backwater sites that need examination, and a little tired of the Vargr jokes, so she's ready for life on her own.

Today's roundup includes:
My reference post, updated links as I go along!

Uthkaengir (150 Points)
Female Vargr, fawn coat, brown eyes
5'9", 135 pounds
ST 10 [0]   DX    13  [30]   IQ    13 [30]   HT    11 [10]
    Speed 6.0, Move 6
    Dodge 6
Advantages: Acute Taste/Smell +3 [6], Acute Vision +1 [2], Alertness +1 [5], Claws (+2 Damage) [15], Danger Sense [15], Enhanced Move 1 (Doubles, but fatuige stats in 5 Sec) [7], Fur (DR1, keeps warm) [4], Ship Patron (Sulieman-class scout/courier) [24], Teeth (1d-1 bite) [5], Versatile [5]
Disadvantages: Cannot Kick [-5], Chummy -5, Curious [-5], Duty (reactivation 9 or less) [-5], Easy to Read [-10], Impulsiveness[-10], Proud [-1], Reduced Fatigue (-1) [-3], Reduced Hitpoints -1 [-5], Reputation -2 (Chaotic and Easily swayed) [-10], Stubbornness [-5], Xenophelia [-5]
Skills:  Administration-12 [1], Area Knowledge(Galaxy)-13 [4], Area Knowledge (Spinward Marches)-13 [1], Astrogation-13 [2], Astronomy-1 [1], Botany-11 [1], Cartography-13 [2], Carousing-11 [2], Computer Operation-12 [.5], Ecology-12 (2), Electronics Operation (Comms)-12 [1], Electronics Operation (Sensors)-13 [2], Engineer (Vehicles)-12 [2], First Aid-13 [1], Free Fall-14 [4], Geology-11 [1], Guns (Pistols)-15 [1]*, Gunner (Laser)-12 [1], Intelligence Analysis-11 [1], Leadership-12 [1], Mechanic (J-drive)-12 [1], Mechanic (M-drive)-12 [1], Mechanic (Power Plant)-12 [1], Mechanic (Starship)-12 [1], Navigation-11 [1], Planetology (Terrestrial Worlds)-12 [1], Photography-12 [1], Piloting (Starship)-15 [8], Piloting (Contragravity)-13 [2], Savoir-Faire-13 [1], Shipbuilding (Starship)-12 [1], Shipmaster-13 [2], Survival (Desert)-12 [1], Survival (Hostile Environment)-11 (.5), Survival (Jungle)-12 [1], Survival (Temperate)-12 [1], Tactics (Space)-11, Vacc Suit-12 [1]
Languages: Anglic-13 [2], Gvegh-13 (Native), Zhodani-12 [1]

*Includes +2 for IQ


  1. one of my Traveller groups did base her Vargr on her favorite dog. And Sadie does look like a good girl (we had a Sadie dog in the neighborhood when I moved in 20 years ago, and that dog would sleep in the middle of the road. People would drive around her. She too was a good dog)

    1. Basing a Vargr off a dog would be appropriate, and fun.