07 January 2021

Character Creation Challenge 7 of 31, Salvatore Gerard

Returning to Mongoose Traveller, I rolled this guy up and went through the corebook careers for a best fit. It came up that Sal here ended up as a good fit for a Free Trader, and almost qualified for a pension! I pressed my luck, and went in a couple extra terms as well.

Salvatore Gerard    Merchant (Free Trader)5, Citizen(Colonist)2
Age 42                                                AA3885    Cr 26,000
Art-0, Broker-0, Carouse-0, Comms-0, Drive-0, Engineer (Jump Drives)-1, Jack of all Trades-2, Mechanic-1, Persuade-2, Pilot(Starship)-1, Recon-0,  Steward-0, Pilot (Starship)-1, Vacc Suit-2
5 Ship Shares for a Free Trader Enemy, Ally

Born to a working class family on Regina/Regina, at the age of 18 he signed on to a free trader operating up and down the Spinward Main. Four years of hard work, and he established himself on the route and the ship. He gained impressive skills in persuasion, engineering, and space operations, as well as working to make sure he wouldn't tire out as quickly. Signing on for another term, he met Evan Georgesen, an Imperial Trade attaché at Ruie, one of his ship's regular ports, and continued his work as a free trader, picking up some blade training and working on persuading customers his trader would be the best for their needs. Keeping going, he ended up getting in a violent argument with Evan, leading to a bitter and lasting enmity. He kept up his status and training, learning a bit about everything, improving as a spaceman, and basic mechanical skills, seeing extensive duty as the engineer on a Beowulf-class free trader. His next period of time started out well, but trading into the Extents means wars can start over minor provocations. His ship was almost lost, but he managed to hold them together long enough to get back to Imperial Space. Taking his possessions, he signed up as a colonist on Forboldn/Regina for a while. While his first few years on the farm went well, and he became the local handyman, and caught up on some of his missing education, it just didn't sit well with him after a while. A major storm wiped out the village he was living at but an old Friend, Maj Bolens, was in the area, and helped him get back on his feet, and back to Regina. He's looking for work, and has a fair bit of credit built up. Maybe there's a crew ready for him again.

Today's roundup includes:

And the rolls...

Name: Salvatore Gerard
System: Mongoose Traveller
Homeworld: Regina/Regina 1910 SM
STR 10
DEX 10
END 3 2
INT 8 6
EDU 8 7
Age 42
AGE 18
Merchants? 6+0
Free Trader
Survival? 12+1
Event? 4
Advancement? 12
Trader Rank 2
2 Free Trader
3 Personal Development
Age 22
Survival? 10+0
Event? 6
Advancement? 7
Trader Rank 3
5 Personal Development
6 Service Skills
Age 26
Survival? 12+1
Event? 7
Life Event! 8
Advancement? 9+0
Experienced Trader
2 Service Skills
4 Free Trader
Age 30
Survival? 4+1
Mishap! 3 War breaks out!
5 Benefit Rolls
Age 34
Aging? 8-4
Citizen? 8-1+2
Survival? 11
Advancement? 7-1
2 Personal Development
3 Colonist
Age 38
Aging? 6-5
Survival? 2
Mishap! 4
1 Benefit
Age 42
Aging? 7-6
Carouse 0
Drive 0
Art 0
Vacc Suit 2
Broker 0
Steward 0
Comms 0
Persuade 2
Engineer(Jump Drive) 1
Melee (Blade) 1
Jack of All Trades 2
Mechanic 1
Pilot (Starship) 1
Recon 0
5 Merchant
1 Citizen
Citizen Cash 2 5000
Merchant Cash 5 20000
Merchant Cash 1 1000
Merchant Benefit 6 Free Trader
Merchant Benefit 3 +1 EDU
Merchant Benefit 2 +1 INT
Enemy: Evan Georgesen, Imperial Trade Attaché
Ally: Maj Bolens, another trader

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