18 January 2021

Character Creation Challenge 18 of 31, Boland Gasse

Making my return to Traveller characters, I thought it was best to use Mongoose Traveller to generate possible NPCs for my Solomani Rim solitaire campaign. First things first, I generated the name, and played with it to get one I liked the sound of. The name gave me an idea for home world, and then I started rolling, and selected a career.

Boland Gasse is a native of Eleusis/Concorde (SR2109), a wealthy world famed for swordsmanship. As a boy, his life was rather aimless, so he applied for a position with the Subsector Bureau of Investigation, where he came in as a rookie agent. Graduating at the top of his intake, he was promoted to Agent immediately. Field Agent promotion was quick as well, and by age 34 he was a Special Agent. In his assignments, he met Marianna Orman, a TNS reporter in the subsector.  Assigned to an exchange tour in the neighboring Sulieman subsector, he was badly injured in a trap set by Solomani Party terrorists, and spent the several years recovering. Thankfully, the agency picked up most of the bill, but he was still left with some money owed. Wanting to do something with his life, Marianna suggested he start writing. In the past few years, he's managed a small success writing a series of thriller novels regarding various Imperial Intelligence agencies fighting threats of all sorts, and making appearances on programs as a commentator. He's met some interesting people, but his old friend Kartikeya Chan, who helps him with some current information and gives him some ideas is a cherished relationship from the circuit. He's heard there's interesting things happening closer to Terra, and he's always wanted to see Humaniti's homeworld, so he's headed to Terra.

STR     8    DEX 6    END 9    INT 11    EDU    9    SOC 9  Age 46
Seven terms total, Five Agent (Intelligence), Two Entertainer (Artist)
Advocate 1, Art (Writing) 1, Carouse 0, Computers 1, Deception 3, Drive (Ground) 1, Gambler 1, Gun Combat (Slug Pistol) 1, Gun Combat (Slug Rifle) 1, Investigate 1, Medic 0, Melee (Large Blade) 1, Persuade 1, Recon 0, Steward 1, Streetwise 0, Trade(Polymers) 0
Cr112,500, Foil, Forensics Kit, Wafer Jack, 2 Ship Shares. Contact: Marianna Orman News Editor, Ally: Kartikeya Chan, former colleague

Today's roundup:
And I have rolls after the jump.
Name: Boland Gasse
System: Mongoose Traveller
Homeworld: Eleusis/Concorde
STR         8
DEX     6
INT         11
Age 46

AGE 18
Agent? 6+1
Survival? 8+1
Events? 11
Promotion 8+4+1
Rank 1 Agent
6 Advanced Education
2 Personal Develpoment
Age 22
Survival? 11+1
Events? 7
Life Event 10
Promotion 4+1
Rank 2 Field Agent
2 Service Skills
5 Specialist
Age 26
Survival? 11+1
Events? 7
Life Event 7
Promotion 12+1
Rank 3 Field Agent
6 Service Skills
4 Personal Develpoment
Age 30
Survival? 9+1
Events? 7
Life Event 9
Promotion 5+1
Rank 4 Special Agent
4 Service Skills
1 Advanced Education
Age 34
Aging? 5-4=1
Survival? 4+1
Mishap! 1
Injury table 3
Medical Care? 7+4
Age 38
Aging? 9-5=4
Entertainer? 5+1+2-1
Survival? 6
Events? 6
Promotion 5+2+1
Rank 1
4 Specialist
4 Service Skills
Age 42
Aging? 7-6=1
Survival? 7
Events? 5
Promotion 3+1
6 Service Skills
Age 46
Aging? 8-7=1
Advocate 1
Art (Writing)  1  
Carouse 1
Computers 1
Deception 3
Drive (Ground) 1
Gambler 1
Gun Combat (Slug Pistol) 1
Gun Combat (Slug Rifle) 1
Investigate 1
Medic 0
Melee (Large Blade) 1
Persuade 1
Recon 0
Steward 1
Streetwise 1
Trade(Polymers) 0
Agent 4+2
Cash 6 25000
Cash 3+2 10000
Benefit 6 +1 Soc
Benefit 1 Forensics Kit
Benefit 4 Foil
Benefit 6 Wafer Jack
Entertainer 2+1
Cash 6+1 80000
Benefit 6 2 Ship Shares
Benefit 2 +1 Soc


  1. At least you got to make an agent! So far the closest I got was the Political Officer from the 1e Agent Book. Per another post - whenI get back to refereeing a game, I'll have to keep these in mind for various NPCs. Boland looks very interesting

    1. It's how the dice fall. I go with what career the stats are best rolled for.