19 January 2021

Character Creation Challenge 19 of 31, Bernadette Balboni

Today, per my schedule, is another Classic Traveller character. In this case, she was quick and easy to
generate. I spent more time on research for the biography than on rolling the stats.

Bernadette Balboni, Marine Lieutenant, 1 term Age 22
UPP C78776                                                Cr10,000
Cutlass-2, Electronics-1, Gambling-1, Revolver-1

Bernadette Balboni grew up on Skull/Lanth to a slightly shady merchant's family. There wasn't much lacking, but her parents were able to keep food on the table and clothes on their backs. As one of the biggest kids in her school, she was often picked for sporting events, and popular enough. Once she came of age, eager to get away from the cutthroat mercantile existence of Skull, she joined the Imperial Marines. Her initial enlistment was accepted, and she was commissioned an officer, and assigned to Provost duties at Icetina and Extolay. Sadly, her gambling skills were criticized by a senior officer, and she was asked to find other opportunities. Right now, she's on Regina, and looking for work. She knows that Cr 10,000 won't last her long.

Today's roundup:
Full details:

: Bernadette Balboni 
System: Classic Traveller
Homeworld: Skull/Lanth
STR         11
INT         7
Age 18
Marines? 7+2
Survival? 5+1
Commission? 8+1
Rank 1 Lieutenant
Promotion? 7
4 Personal Development
5 Service skills
3 Advanced Education
Reenlist? 3
Age 22

Cutlass         2
Electronics 1
Gambling 1
Revolver         1
2+1 5000
1+1 5000


  1. hate it when a character is going strong and misses the re-enlistment roll. At least with other additions you could go through other careers. We never played that way - you were out when you were out. Interestingly the Ael Yeal character rolled the rare 12 and was forced to stay in - I was really trying to get him out before he died!

    1. I know that feeling. In this case, I came up with a hook as to why she's out.

      One of the reasons I like Mongoose is how the only way you can only have one term is to mishap out of it.