Monday, October 28, 2019

T5 Character Generation

Nigel the Cat "Helps"
Having gotten my copy of the T5.10 books last week, I decided to take try out the process of character generation for myself. At one point, I had quite a few Classic Traveller characters generated, and it's always been a minigame I've enjoyed in many systems. Here's my first attempt at generating a Traveller: 5 character.

Meet Coronel Sir Elden Cox, IM (ret), SEH, XSx4, WBx2, BA (Hons). Born on 195-1063, he is a native of Preslin/Gulf (Dene 0633). One of the few non-Jonkeereen natives of the world, he ended up dropping out of high school, and finding some work around the Navy Base. Seeing how unpleasant life was during that period, he completed his basic education at the Downport Education Company, to apply for college at the Imperial College of Preselin, where he obtained a honors degree in electronics, and joined NOTC, where his massive physique got the attention of the Marine Sergeant-Instructor. With his humble background, and previous lack of academic success, he opted to join the Marines instead. After completing the Deneb Marine Officer's School, he was assigned to Protected Forces, meaning Meteoric Entry and Ship's Troops his entire career. On his first tour, on mission against the Kforzeung corsairs, he was decorated with the Starburst for Extreme Heroism, with the following citation: "While in action against hostile Kforzeung Corsiars, he entered with a few enlisted men the mouth of a cave occupied by a desperate enemy, this act having been ordered after he had volunteered several times. In this action 1st Lieutenant Cox was wounded. An inspiring and courageous leader, 1st Lieutenant Cox's extraordinary heroism and supreme dedication to his comrades were commensurate with the his rank and reflects the highest credit upon himself and upon the Imperial Marines." Other than schools, his career showed a typical alternation of units, moving between command of Marine Detachments aboard ships to that of Meteoric Entry companies.

UPP: D69AAB, Skills: Driver-1, Electronics-5, Fighter-4 (Battle Dress-2, Blade-3, Slug Weapons-2), Flyer-2(Grav-1), Forward Observer-2, Hostile Environment-1, Leader-4, Liasion-1, Medic-1, Philosophy-2, Robotics-2, Survey-1, Stealth-1, Steward-1, Survival-2, Tactics-2, Vacc Suit-1.
Languages: Anglic-9, Battle-8, Gvegh-7
Equipment: BVIGR-13, SEH, WBx2, XSx4, TAS Membership,1 Ship Share, Cr 50,000 cash, Life Insurance, Cr 36,000 pension

My general conclusion is that it's kind of clunky to use for generation, and a little opaque, especially with respect to the Knowledge/Skill for Fighter and the like. I do like the Risk and Reward mechanic, and the flux for damage. The E5 course listed is a godsend, and makes sense in the setting, and may find it's way into future Mongoose or Classic Traveller games I have.

Roll by Roll procedure
Initial UPP: C69947
Genetic: 6166xx

Age 18:
Apply for E5 Roll 9 or less, passed with a 3.
Apply for College, roll 9 or less, pass with a 7.
Freshman, roll 9 or less, pass with a 7.
Sophomore, roll 9 or less, pass with a 7.
Junior, roll 9 or less, pass with a 7.
Senior roll 9 or less, pass with a 5.
NOTC, application is automatic, roll 9 or less, pass with a 5. Rank is O1, 2nd Lieutenant
Honors roll 9 or less, pass with a 8.
Age 22
Join the Marines, C1
Apply for branch, roll against SOC, roll 7 or less, rolled 11. Rolled 5 for assignment, to Protected.
Assignments: ANM (0), Peace keeper (1) Combat (3), Combat (3)
Risk 12-2-3=7, roll 8. Flux roll is +5, no permanent injury, Wound Badge
Reward 12+2+3=17, roll 11+1, SEH
Promotion 9+4=13, roll 9, Rank is First Lieutenant
Five skills, rolled on Combat (4), Combat (6), Peace keeper (3) Personal (1), Occupation (1)
Continue? 12+0=12, roll 5
Age 26
Marines, C4
Assignments: Combat (2) Mission (2), Mission (2), Combat (3)
Risk: 9-2-3+2=6, roll 5
Reward: 9+2+3-2=12, roll 4, Exemplary Service Commendation
Promotion: roll 9+1=10, roll 9, rank Captain
Skills: Mission (1), Combat (1), Combat (1), Personal (5), Occupation (2)
Continue 13+1=14, roll 9
Age 30
Marines, C1
Assignments: ANM School (0), ANM School (0), Mission (2), Mission (2)
Risk: 13-2-2=9, roll 3
Reward: 13+2+2=17, roll 7, Exemplary Service
School checks: Roll against END (9) twice, roll 8 and 7, gain Flyer-2 and Robotics-2
Promotion 9+1=10, roll 3, Rank Force Commander.
Skills Mission (3), Mission (2), Personal (4), Occupation (3), Occupation (4)
Continue: 13+2=15, roll 11
Age 34
Aging: Roll under 5. STR  (5) fail, DEX (9) fail, END (8), fail.
Marines C4
Command College: roll under INT (10) to pass, rolled 7
Assignments: Mission (2), Mission (2), Peace keeper (1)
Risk: 10-2-2=6, roll 2, XS
Reward: 10+2+2=14, roll 7+1=8, Exemplary Service
Promotion: 10+1=11, roll 4, rank Lt. Coronel
Skills: Mission (6), Mission (3), Peacekeeper 5, Occupation (2), Personal (3)
Continue: 13+3=16, roll 11
Age 38
Aging: Roll under 5 STR (10) fail, DEX (8) fail, END (5) fail
Marines, C1
Assignments: Mission (2), Peace Keeper (1) Combat (3), Mission (2)
Risk: 13-2-3=8. Roll 11, fail, injured by 3, Wound Badge. Flux is +4, no long term effect.
Reward: 13+2+3=17, roll 3+1, Exemplary Service
Promotion: 10+1=11, roll 7, rank Coronel
Skills: Combat (2), Peacekeeper (1), Mission (5), Mission (6), Personal (5)
Continue: 13+4=17, roll 10.
Age 42
Aging: Roll under 6 STR (7) fail, DEX (9) fail, END (4) pass

Mustering out: 5 rolls for terms, 1 roll for SEH.
Roll 3 cash, 3, benefits
Cash Rolls:
4+5=9, Double Retirement
2+5=7, Cr50,000
4+5=9, Double Retirement (i.e., 3x base)
Benefit Rolls
2+6=8 Ship Share
4+6=10 Knighthood
1+6=7 Life Insurance


  1. still waiting for my books and to see if I can figure out how to roll up a character. So far I've not had a lot of time to figure it out. And there are some comments over on COTI on your rolls (sadly I think T5.10 is not a whole lot better at explaining things than T5). I've a feeling I'll stick with Mongoose, Classic or Cepheus but do want to try as I really like the mini-game aspect of it as well.

    1. I'm in agreement. It's a great set of design sequences, but not well written for the less experienced gamers. Mongoose and Classic will remain my preferred versions for the time being.

  2. Good evening...very helpful to this Classic/Mega Traveller T5/T5.10 KS supporter.