02 September 2016

Classic Traveller Generation For Fun

So last night I rolled up a couple of quick Classic Traveller characters using my copy of The Traveller Book. It was pleasantly fast, only about half an hour or so for two characters. My only complaint is how unforgiving the re-enlistment rolls are in CT. I rather like how Mongoose Traveller pulls re-enlistment in to promotion, as it gives the player more decisions to make.

Here is who I rolled up:

Major Arne Hilton 787AA6, 2 Terms Army, Rifle-1, SMG-1 Grav Vehicle-1, Electronics-1, Tactics-1, CR 50000

Commander Baroness Marian Burch 4759AC 5 Terms Navy, Foil-1, Administration-2, Computer-2, Engineering-1, Vacc Suit-1, Pilot-1, Gunnery-1, CR 26000, Foil, 2 High Passage, Pension Cr4000

Got any ideas on how to flesh them out? They may still be useful as NPC's in any Traveller edition.

Below the fold are the die rolls for generation.

UPDATE: My read on the Major, as well.

Generation sequence for Major Hilton:
UPP 786A76
Age 18
Enlist Army: (8+3)
Survival: (4+1)
Commission: (8+1)
Promotion: (8+0)
Skills: Educ+1, Electronics-1, Grav Vehicle 1
Reenlist: (8)
Age 22
Survival: (9+1)
Promotion: (6+1)
Skills: Tactics 1, Endur+1
Reenlist: 4 Fail, out
Age 26
Benefits: Four rolls
Three cash: Cr 20000,10000,20000
One benefit: +2 Educ

Arne joined his homeworld's army as it was in the midst of a large scale expansion. He quickly tested into the Officer Corps, and was assigned to lead a electronic warfare platoon. They took heavy losses, but managed to succeed in distracting the enemy from a crucial artillery position, earning him a prompt promotion to Captain.

His next term saw him learning the art of war , and was promoted to Major. Unfortunately, the army didn't need his services anymore, leading to his discharge.

Description: A man of average build, but displaying an unusual spark of intelligence in his face, Arne Hilton can also give the impression he lost out on his career early.

Commander Burch's Generation Sequence:
UPP: 58798C
Age 18
Enlist Navy: (4+1) 
Draft (1) Navy
Skills: Foil 1, Admin 1
Reenlist: (8)
Age 22
Commission (9+1)
Promotion: (8+1)
Skills: Admin 2 Computer 1,
Reenlist: (9)
Age 26
Promotion: (4+1)
Skills: Computer 2
Age 30
Survival: (3+2)
Promotion: (8+1)
Skills Vacc Suit 1, Engineering 1
Reenlist (8)
Age 34
Aging 12,7,3, -1 Endur
Survival (6+2)
Promotion (12+1)
Skills: Pilot 1, Gunnery 1
Reenlist: 3
Age 38,
Aging: 4,5,8 -1 Stren, -1 Dext
7 Benefit Rolls
Cash: 20000, 5000, 1000
Benefits: High Passage, +2 Educ, High Passage, Foil

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