12 April 2020

More Solo Play? When I Get the Time

I've been pretty quiet on the gaming front, and not had the time to write up adventure results at this point. I was running the crew of the Boxing Kangaroo through "Death Station" when I last had a chance, with one team about to meet one of the survivors...

However, I did see a couple of very interesting gaming blog posts this week. Omer Golan-Joel published library data for his Dark Nebula variant today. I did get to play Dark Nebula once, and it has it's charms. If I ever get a finish the Rim, I may go for his stuff. It's got a lot of space to play with the system, and Traveller is nothing but flexible. The Kangaroo is very much a techno-thriller in space, while there could be a lot more gonzo stuff in the Nebula.

The other is Real-life Hexcrawl Manual over at Alesmiter. There's long been an element to fantasy games to use real statistics as a beginning for things, like long distance travel, but even for science fiction, it's useful. Considering the Schizo Tech nature of the setting, having some player characters take a journey to an area on horseback, or the equivalent,  isn't out of expectation. That could even be a complication for a mercenary ticket. A religious dictatorship has a holy pilgrimage that requires nothing powered by wind or muscle be carried or used by the faithful, but offworld mercs toting high tech weapons are unlikely to care about damnation...

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