Monday, October 2, 2017

I Hope I am Not the First to Notice This

From GT Nobles, the insignia is red on black
Re-reading GT Nobles recently, I noticed the name of one of the Orders, and in fact, the one associated with the Imperial Interstellar Scout Service is the Order of the Arrow. Many would find this to be nothing out of the ordinary, but I admit to having spent much of my youth involved in some fashion with the Boy Scouts of America, and went to their Jamboree in 2001, and it has an existing Order of the Arrow.

The Honor Society of the BSA is the Order of the Arrow, and it has a much less exclusive membership. It is an organization started as a camp fraternity to support the ideals of the Boy Scouts, and recognize scouts in who are active in their communities and in camping. There are two levels of membership, Ordeal and Brotherhood, and an honor level of Vigil. While adult leaders can join, they are supposed to take a backseat to letting the youth make decisions.

Looking at this, I see a fictional group called the Order of the Arrow that honors scouts, and rarely has the Imperial family as members. Could Loren Wiseman, Jon F. Zeigler, or those listed as "Additional material" have been Scouts or Scouters? If so, it's a pretty nice inside joke. As it's not listed in the Traveller Wiki, I don't think anyone else has caught this.

Or perhaps I'm making a mountain out of a molehill.

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