14 July 2017


Being the obsessive type I am, as well as having spent a portion of my life under one of these, here are the watchbills for the Patrol Cruiser Boxing Kangaroo. A watchbill can provide some useful 'chrome' for your campaign. It can tell you who is responsible for ship's operation at what time. Like having your players keep a log, this is another way of bringing it to life.

I set up a three section watchbill, and I assume six hours on and twelve hours off shifts, because that's what I saw most often. The Captain, as a matter of tradition, does not stand a set watch, but can relieve at any point he sees fit. 

Section I          Section II        Section III       Kick
OOD               Hassan             Zabiyah           Chishan          
Messenger       Castillo            Hall                 Owen                Afari*
Engineer          Maurer             Brand              Kidd                 Franke*
Marine             Appledorn       Fini                  Hoedmaeker    Binici
*Corporal Afari and Marine Franke are standby on Boat Crew in N-space; in J-space they are to serve as above.
Sergeant Valdez and Marine Yap are on call at all times.

Section 1:        Hassan (CDO), Valdez, Zabiayah, Owen, Castillo, Maurer, Hoedmaeker, Binici
Section 2:        Brand (CDO), Chishan, Afari, Hall, Kidd, Appledorn, Fini, Franke
Marine Yap is on call at all times.

Watch Descriptions:
OOD: Officer of the Deck, is the on-watch pilot, and responsible for safe operation of the ship. All others are responsible to this person. In Jump, the OOD is merely the bridge systems manager and control manager, and has his eye on the Jump warning.
Messenger: Roving watch, reports to the Officer of the Deck on all matters. Checks to ensure other watch standers are doing their jobs alertly, and wakes oncoming personnel. This does including getting drinks for the rest of the watch team.
Engineer: Ensures safe operation of all engineering plant equipment during watch, and performs preventative maintenance during the watch.
Marine: responsible for the security of and condition of Marine Force equipment during the watch. May also be standing security watch on the missile magazine if any special weapons are on board, or stand guard over prisoners. Responsible to the Marine Detachment Non-commissioned Officer In Charge for Marine Force Matters, and to the Officer of the Deck for all shipboard matters.
Command Duty Officer: Responsible for the direction of an in-port duty section.
Kick: A supernumerary watch stander, this individual stands a specified watch period every day, allowing additional time for training, administration, or qualification for the others.

I tried to remove slang and excessive TLA use, but please tell me if you'd like any clarifications.

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