06 July 2016

The Engineer and Ship's LPO

The core of any military team is it's experienced leadership, and MM1 Juliana Brand provides this as Ship's LPO and Chief Engineer.

Officially, she is MM1 Lady Juliana McAuley Brand, IN. As a younger child of the Marquis of Saagii/Madoc (Diaspora 2333), she was unhappy about her essential position in life on Saagii: go to a comfy College or University, and enter the bureaucracy or become a pawn in the Noble Game her father and older brother were intent on playing. Showing a streak of independence while at the end of her private education, she spoke with the recruiting Chief at the Saagii Starport. She had two requests: to be in another sector, and to be just another spacer. The latter was easy, but the second was a bit tougher. She was able to talk her uncle into taking her with on a trip to Eleusis/Concord where he was taking a swordsmanship class. She left him with a note for her parents that she did not intend to return home and was enlisting. After a few years, they did send her a message via X-mail. Her uncle still thinks it was a great trip, and fun.

Recruit training was difficult, but by no means did she fail. Her first posting ran into trouble, when as part of an inspection party on a free trader it turned violent, and gave her both experience with a blade, and a long term aversion to personal combat. She doesn't mind ship weapons launches, but locks up when in personal combat. Her first term saw her promoted to Able Spacehand, and she requested training in an Engineering rate.

She was approved to become a Machinist Mate, and completed that training quickly. Her aptitude for this work was noted as being unmatched, seeing her quickly make MM3.

The following term saw her continue to grow as a spacer and mechanic. This was marred by an illness and liberty incident in cold water contracted while working at the Naval Base at Kidashi/Albadawi. The viral infection followed up the near hypothermia she experienced, and reduced her Endurance. Her promotion status was never in doubt despite this incident.

Her prior tour was uneventful, but she did meet Marine then Corporal Guy Valdez, who is also coming to the Kangaroo as the Sergeant leading the Marine Detachment.

Mongoose Traveller 1e Stats:

Age 34

Animals 0
Art (Singing) 0
Carouse 1
Computers 1
Discipline 1
Engineer (Power Plant) 3
Gun Combat (Pistol) 0
Jack of All Trades 1
Leadership 1
Mechanic 2
Melee (Blade) 1
Pilot (Starship) 0
Vacc Suit 1
Zero-G 1

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