10 November 2015

Introduction and Purpose

The idea of this blog is to document a possible Mongoose Traveller solo campaign that I will be running on my own.

The general idea is the first campaign will be the adventures of the crew of a Type T-Patrol Cruiser operating under Imperial Navy orders in the Solomani Rim. Their mission will be to show the flag, keep a war from starting, and not get into too much trouble on Startown Liberty.

Many of the posts will include quite a bit of 'chrome' to make it come alive. Also, I spent six years

The Cast will include:

Our intrepid Captain, the scion of a minor noble family who's only a Lieutenant.

The First Officer/Astrogator, a Sublieutenant who is commissioned from the ranks. The pilot is a hotshot kid who doesn't know he's screwed up.

The Chief Engineer, the daughter of a Marquess who ran away and enlisted, and her two assistants to be detailed later. She may get an unwelcome surprise

The Lead Gunner, the typical old spacer who thinks the entire purpose of a ship is to move and power his weapons. His three Gunners may have their own habits.

The Marine Sergeant, who leads two fireteams, and can't think beyond his Corps. He is really handy with Battle Dress. His fireteam is three grunts, standard Imperial Marine issue.

The Marine Corporal leads the second team and flys the Ship's Boat, and has the medic, armorer, and piper/G-Carrier driver as his group. They can function as grunts as well.

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