24 January 2021

Character Creation Challenge 24 of 31, Scout Binh Ortega

Once again using T5.10, I'm happy I got today's entry in. I was flying across North America on business today, and let's say disease precautions make it more of a bear than previously, but the extra space is nice. I used the empty middle seat foot room for my carry-on and got to stretch out a bit.

Binh Ortega grew up on Menorb/Reginia, and nearly flunked out of high school, despite being from a respected family, as she was often out running with the local Vargr population. Considering her talents, she managed to get into the Imperial Interstellar Scout service right away. She's spent the past 24 years with them, making a career out of working every third term on the communications side of the Scouts, rather than the Exploration side. Her explorations were mostly in the Extents improving relations and charts, but she did have a memorable experience with the Darrian Confederation. She's ready to strike out on her own, with the Serpent-class Scout Thomas Connolly at her command, and wondering what could still be out there. As a hobby, she took up paining recently.

Binh Ortega                                                            79DC78
Scouts, 6 Terms                                                       Age 42
Streetwise 1, Steward 1, Survival 1, Animals 1, Diplomat 1, Trader 1, Engineer 0, Jump Drive 1, Pilot 1, Pilot(ACS) 3, Survey 3, Medic 1, Art (Painting) 1, Sensors 1, Teacher 1, Jack of All Trades 2, Computer 2, Fighter 0, Slug Weapons 2, Comms 1, Hostile Environment 1, Flyer 0, Grav 1, Astrogation 2, Gunner 0, Turret 1, Gvegh 11, Anglic 11, Tezapet 10
Two Ship Shares (Serpent class scout), Cr130,000, Carbine, Fame 12, Land Grant 3, TAS Life Membership -3 SAN

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23 January 2021

Character Creation 23 of 31 Lieutenant Colonel Dame Eualalia Tukera Lachou, Bt, MCG and Bar, MCUF and Bar, WB

There are cadet branches of the Tukera Family throughout the Imperium. It seems they get their claws into every possible system, and even sometimes, they join the Army. A daughter of the family's cadet branch on Roup/Reginia, Eualalia Tukera Lachou, attended the University of Regina and obtained an honors degree in History, and joined the Officer's Training Corps. Despite several years of barely making it through her sophomore year, she graduated with honors. Upon graduation, she requested and was assigned Protected Forces training. Her first tour was filled with training, and two years of peacekeeping. That earned her a first MCUF, and a promotion. Later, she was assigned to various army mission, and a peacekeeping assignment, earning her first MCG and a promotion to Captain. That was followed by more typical assignments, that earned her a wound badge, and a second MCG, and a major's pips. Recently, she completed Command college, and lead her battalion into some heavy action. Retired this year, she was awarded a MCUF for actions despite some questionable circumstances.

Lieutenant Colonel Dame Eualalia Tukera Lachou, Bt        767AAc
Seafarer 1, Streetwise 1, Mechanic 1, History 5, Linguistics 2, Fighter 3, Slug Thrower 2, Leader 1, Flyer 2, Grav 2, Animals 1, Hostile Environment 1, Navigation 1, Heavy Weapons 1, Computer 1, Tactics 2, Sensors 1,Vacc Suit 1, Liasion 1, Strategy 1, Zdtel 8, Stealth 1, Anglic 9
CR 60,000, Gauss Rifle, StarPass, TAS Fellowship, Life Insurance Two MCG, Two MCUF, Wound Badge

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22 January 2021

Character Creation Challenge, 22 of 31, Rear Admiral Countess Dijana Beaudoin Tivoli, DS, DSE, Countess of Fenris

Currently the commander of Patrol Forces, Sol Subsector, she is a native of Dingir/Dingir and the younger daughter of Baron Tivoli, liaison to several member states of the Dingir League of Peoples, and a maternal cousin of the Dukes of her homeworld. A graduate of the Albadawi People's University with a degree in biology, she joined the Imperial Navy in 1098, as a line officer. Since then, her assignments include Astrogation Division Officer, Weapons Officer, Command of the Fleet Courier Philippides , and command of the 22nd Destroyer Squadron. Her current assignment is non-tradtional in the Imperial Navy, as large patrol forces are not common. At this point, she command a Patrol Cruiser group, four System Task Forces, and a destroyer squadron. It's barely enough ships for the job, and she's making a decent job of it. Her title of Countess was recently confirmed, as she's one of the most senior Imperial nobles in the rimward portion of the Duchy of Sol, and at the end of this tour, is expected to be nominated to become the Commander in Chief and Governor of Fenris/Sol. Her orders include the Order of Sol, and the Order of Solar Excellence.

STR 6 DEX 6 END 10 INT 11 EDU 10 SOC 14
Age 42 Navy (Crew/Line) 5, University 
Admin 2, Art (Painting) 0, Astrogation 1, Comms 1, Computers 0, Gun Combat (Slug) 0, Gunner (Turrets) 0, Leadership 1, Life Science (Biology) 2, Mechanic 0, Melee (Blade) 1, Pilot (Starship) 3, Seafarer 0, Sensors 1, Social Sciences (Economics) 1, Streetwise 0, Tactics (Naval) 1, Vacc Suit 0, Zero-G 1
Cr 20,000, six ship shares, foil

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21 January 2021

Character Creation Challenge 21 of 31, Sarvesh Bonaccorsi

From Book 4, here's a single term solider.

Lance Sergeant Sarvesh Bonaccorsi                     595984 Age 22
1 Term                                                                       Cr10,000
Combat Engineer-1,  Gauss Rifle-1, Grav Vehicle-1, Vacc Suit-1
Gauss Rifle

When you're from Jewell, when in doubt, you join the Army. That's exactly what Sarvesh Bonaccorsi did. He joined the Jewell Army, and trained as a Sapper for four years, including protected forces training. Unfortunately for him, a change in Army priorities lead to his battalion, the 25th Combat Engineers (The Pearl Builders) to be disbanded. He took his discharge with a grain of salt, a cash bonus, his old gauss rifle, and is now looking for something to do. Mercenaries are hiring, and there's a minor war going on at Ruie.

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20 January 2021

Character Creation Challenge 20 of 31, Mohan Lungu

Here's a fixture of many a starport, a low-level gambler and general thug. Sometimes, they end up wearing nicer clothing, or looking for less dangerous work.

Mo Lungu grew up on Agidda/Sol, where his abbreviated schooling trained him in shipbuilding, but he really was more out with friends. He rebelled against his respectable family, and ended up with a gang on the streets when he dropped out of school. Like most in his 'profession', he didn't exactly make a lot of friends, more likely to have enemies. Particularly, Kjell Langdon, a minor crime boss. He's been living by his wits, but has a feeling now that many of his former associates have been sent to Newcome/Banasdan, it's time to find a less risky job than occasionally breaking legs, and stooging for shady merchants. He's currently at Fenris/Sol, where he's looking for gainful employment when he's not working the tables at a casino. He's also working on some unofficial supplies for a number of people, as well.

Age 30 Rogue (Enforcer) 3
Atheltics 0, Carouse 1, Deception 1, Drive (Wheeled) 1, Gambler 2, Gun Combat (Slug Pistols) 1, Melee (Blade) 1, Persuade 1, Recon 0, Stealth 0, Streetwise 1, Trade (Shipbuilding) 0
Cloth armor, Enemy Kjell Langdon Cr 110,000

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19 January 2021

Character Creation Challenge 19 of 31, Bernadette Balboni

Today, per my schedule, is another Classic Traveller character. In this case, she was quick and easy to
generate. I spent more time on research for the biography than on rolling the stats.

Bernadette Balboni, Marine Lieutenant, 1 term Age 22
UPP C78776                                                Cr10,000
Cutlass-2, Electronics-1, Gambling-1, Revolver-1

Bernadette Balboni grew up on Skull/Lanth to a slightly shady merchant's family. There wasn't much lacking, but her parents were able to keep food on the table and clothes on their backs. As one of the biggest kids in her school, she was often picked for sporting events, and popular enough. Once she came of age, eager to get away from the cutthroat mercantile existence of Skull, she joined the Imperial Marines. Her initial enlistment was accepted, and she was commissioned an officer, and assigned to Provost duties at Icetina and Extolay. Sadly, her gambling skills were criticized by a senior officer, and she was asked to find other opportunities. Right now, she's on Regina, and looking for work. She knows that Cr 10,000 won't last her long.

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18 January 2021

Character Creation Challenge 18 of 31, Boland Gasse

Making my return to Traveller characters, I thought it was best to use Mongoose Traveller to generate possible NPCs for my Solomani Rim solitaire campaign. First things first, I generated the name, and played with it to get one I liked the sound of. The name gave me an idea for home world, and then I started rolling, and selected a career.

Boland Gasse is a native of Eleusis/Concorde (SR2109), a wealthy world famed for swordsmanship. As a boy, his life was rather aimless, so he applied for a position with the Subsector Bureau of Investigation, where he came in as a rookie agent. Graduating at the top of his intake, he was promoted to Agent immediately. Field Agent promotion was quick as well, and by age 34 he was a Special Agent. In his assignments, he met Marianna Orman, a TNS reporter in the subsector.  Assigned to an exchange tour in the neighboring Sulieman subsector, he was badly injured in a trap set by Solomani Party terrorists, and spent the several years recovering. Thankfully, the agency picked up most of the bill, but he was still left with some money owed. Wanting to do something with his life, Marianna suggested he start writing. In the past few years, he's managed a small success writing a series of thriller novels regarding various Imperial Intelligence agencies fighting threats of all sorts, and making appearances on programs as a commentator. He's met some interesting people, but his old friend Kartikeya Chan, who helps him with some current information and gives him some ideas is a cherished relationship from the circuit. He's heard there's interesting things happening closer to Terra, and he's always wanted to see Humaniti's homeworld, so he's headed to Terra.

STR     8    DEX 6    END 9    INT 11    EDU    9    SOC 9  Age 46
Seven terms total, Five Agent (Intelligence), Two Entertainer (Artist)
Advocate 1, Art (Writing) 1, Carouse 0, Computers 1, Deception 3, Drive (Ground) 1, Gambler 1, Gun Combat (Slug Pistol) 1, Gun Combat (Slug Rifle) 1, Investigate 1, Medic 0, Melee (Large Blade) 1, Persuade 1, Recon 0, Steward 1, Streetwise 0, Trade(Polymers) 0
Cr112,500, Foil, Forensics Kit, Wafer Jack, 2 Ship Shares. Contact: Marianna Orman News Editor, Ally: Kartikeya Chan, former colleague

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